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We offer activities and events for aviation lovers in the Porvoo region. The focus of recreational actives is on a variety of flying miniatures, ranging from radio controlled aircraft to helicopters and multicopters to rockets. General aviation is also part of events and programs.

The club's mission is to promote hobby activities and create a good and safe environment for the members. Above all, we are a friendly community of aviation friends. Come along and find your own joy of aviation! 



Model airplanes are the most verstaile type of aviation and are suitable for all ages. The hobby offers versatile flying pleasure and comfortable crafting for all ages.

Airplanes are available from special hobby shops.

From the club you get the help in starting the hobby successfully.




As a member of the club, you can participate in all the club activities and events. You get support and training to suit your individual needs.

Come and enjoy our fantastic hobby at Porvoo R/C model airfield.

SIL 16 display exam

In the Porvoo aviation club, you can complete the SIL 16 demonstration examinations. SIL 16 is an aviator's license, which enables a member of the association to have more versatile hobby activities when you want to practice outside of the flying locations and the implementation requires deviating from the restrictions of the open category. You can find more information about the permit and its possibilities 



A good flying spot is an essential part of our hobby.The Club has its own airfield at Porvoo King's Gate.


The airfield is a large and flat lawn area next to Kiiala fields. The location offers plenty of space in several directions, and the size of the field makes it possible to operate with larger model planes. There is good road access, parking lots and a depot area with tables.See the map below for location and driving directions.


Use of the airfield requires membership of the club and security training.The club members are individually insured by the club and with the common rules we want to ensure safe operation. Extraordinary visitors are also welcome to fly to the field without separate compensation, but it must be done with a clubman who is responsible for ensuring that the insurance cover is adequate and that the activity is carried out in accordance with the safety instructions.


Field maintenance is done by talks by club members. In practice, once a year, we keep track of the field and active field users take care of cutting the lawn in shifts

(approx. 1/summer/member)

You are welcome to come to the field to learn about the hobbies and club activities. It's advisable to contact the person in charge of the club and arrange a meeting on the field -giving you a comprehensive view of the action. For safety reasons, the public must stay close to the parking area. The field area is accessible only for the pilots and their assistants.

The use of the field for flying other than model airplanes is strictly forbidden for safety reasons as well as to protect the field's sensitive lawn.

Mäntsälän kentän kalustoa.JPG
Bosgard lennokkikenttä.jpg



Aircraft hobbies have become more versatile in terms of equipment with the development of various multi-rotor helicopters (drone). In 2016-2017, the Aviation Club decided to invest significantly in the operating conditions of the new expanding group of drone flyers by expanding the field.

Next to the airplane field, there is also a drone area for drone enthusiasts and, at the same time  a smaller top field for all smaller airplanes. The top field and drone track provide a great setting for training and versatile track driving.

The same general guidelines and conditions apply to the use of the Drone track and the upper field as the airplane field. Their use requires club membership and security training.


Porvoo Aviation Club also operates at Mäntsälä Airport, which offers versatile opportunities for aviation. The airport is especially popular with fans of large airplanes. 


Use of the field requires club membership and completion of safety training. Operating at the airport requires special care from enthusiasts, and the club's members are separately insured by the club. 


The maintenance of the field is done on a contract basis by the club members. In practice, active field users take care of mowing the lawn in shifts  (approx. 1-2 times/summer/member).


You can also come to the field to get to know the hobby and club activities by arranging a visiting time - contact the club. 

Bosgård Airfield
The field is located on the grounds of the beautiful Bosgård manor and once served as the club's main hobby place before the expansion of operations. The field is only for club members and its use must be agreed separately with the field manager Kaarlo Schildt



The mission of the association is to create a good framework for its members to engage in actives and to promote actives locally. Its activities are governed by its rules and significant decisions are made by the members at the annual meeting in February. 


The members of the association are elected every two years from among the members of the association. The boars of the association consists of a chairman and three members. Other positions of thrust include deputy members of the Board of Directors, auditors, secretary, treasurer, field manager and online communications manager. There is no salary or reward for trust.



The club was founded in 1973, initially as Neste's Aerospace Club, and in 1976 the activity expanded and the name changed to Porvoo's Aircraft Club. In the following years, operations developed strongly among others. Own clubs and aviation exhibitions. The number of members increased to over one hundred, of which a significant part came from junior work and aircraft hobby.


In the 1980s, a sailplane KA6 was acquired for the club and the FALKE motor sailor and aircraft enthusiasts received their own field area in the vicinity of Porvoo. In the 1990s, the ultra-light aircraft Beaver RX550 was acquired for the club. However, flight activity slowed down slowly by the end of the decade, and the number of enthusiasts decreased due to the loss of club room. However, active model airplane operations continued in the club.

From the beginning of the 21st century, clubbing began to grow again, especially with new aircraft enthusiasts. Today, the club has over 120 members and is growing every year.


The Porvoo Aerospace Club founded an airplane field in the Kiiala field in the mid-1980s. This was the second field made by the talent after the first field in Ernestas.

The video shows the Kiiala field with is almost the same as the current club's King's Gate field.

This Video has been shorted in 1993. Here are Markku, Tampa and Bo. The field was also used by Manu to land there with his own Beawer ultra-light plane -89 and -91. The use of the field ended in the mid 1990s.


PThe Porvoo Aerospace Club acquired its own ultra-light plane Beaver RX550 in 1990. Beaver was used by the club for seven years. The ultra light was sold in April -97 due to lack of use and maintenance. The next video I filmed in -93 Mäntsälä  in the private field. In the video, Jorma is flying the plane. Jorma, Teuvo, Tampa and Eija are here.



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